What we do

WGEfit’s mission is to provide you with valuable fitness information and quality products without all the hype or BS! You are at the right place if you want to reach your fitness goals and your full potential.

No matter how big or small the desired result, we believe knowledge is the key component to your success. Whether you want to improve your Health and Nutrition, become an Ironman, a Weight Lifter or just need motivation to Diet, WGEfit’s goal is to help you attain yours.

Many websites and companies claim they have the magic bullet or quick fix. Sorry, but the truth is there isn’t one! This is where knowledge becomes power. The power to not waste your time and money on things that don’t work. The power to realistically achieve results through accurate information, proven ideas and excellent products. WGEfit is here to empower you on the road to success.

At WGEfit, we believe in providing the very best products and accessories to help you achieve your fitness goals and stay injury-free. Check out the latest additions to our shop!WGEfit Shop - All your fitness needs!


If you need some real ass kicking motivation, read some of the Lifting with Lupus blog from our own athlete Jenn! She is a champion Powerlifter turned Strongwoman, chronicling her ongoing fitness journey while battling Lupus. No matter where you’re at with life, health, or fitness, she’ll help you pick up the pace and fight a little harder.

We also have a great set of blogs from experts across the fitness and medical industries. Learn from top Physical Therapists, Powerlifters, and even a U.S. Olympic Weightlifting coach! See it all in the Archives