Strongman Awareness Month….

How did I miss the start of Lupus Awareness Month!?!?

Guess I’ve just been too busy living and lifting!

It’s my favorite time of the year, it’s that one month where all the spoonies come out and post “helpful” facts about what you should know about Lupus… The pull at the heart strings, I live my life in pain and always feel miserable facts of Lupus Living.

If you want that, ok; I posted a link at the bottom where you can learn more heartbreaking things about how I live life. Enjoy!

I caution anyone who wants to skip ahead and get Lupus Informed, because that has never been what I wanted this blog to be about – I’ve always wanted this to be about perseverance through chronic illness to achieve dreams. To achieve life!

Not every day is great, I won’t lie – I probably experience more bad days than good; as the disease progresses. BUT…. BUT; I survive through. I lift through!

I’m not the facts below – I’m not a stat. I’m a strongman! I’m a Bad Ass!

Like I’ve said before I hate the idea of counting spoon allotment to see if I can make it through the day. I have a choice to live like everyone else, without spoons; just living. That’s what I choose to do. Do I have to be more conscious of what I eat, do or feel – yes – but shouldn’t we all be that way to be a little healthier?

Shouldn’t we all think about our stress levels?

Shouldn’t we all think about when the pain from working out is too much?

There is no part of me that questions what I can do in a day, or how I will do it. I just do it! Yes I have Lupus, yes I have pain, yes sometimes I pee nothing but blood from kidney malfunctions, yes I can’t regulate my body temp anymore and yes I’m prone to cardiac moments.

To be fair…. Tooooo be’’’’ faaaiiiirrrrhhhh…. Who doesn’t have things they go through everyday, that they wake up with and that they feel. Lupus does not give me a free pass to “show and tell” it.

So… with it being Lupus Awareness month – I’m going to share fun facts, shooting for everyday – from here on out… about my current lifting for my Strongman competition!

  • Fact 1, I suck at jumping during my push press! Tomorrow I will talk more about push press and I’ll reveal Fact 2!

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