Monthly Archives: June 2017

June has been a very transitional month for me, and I apologize that I haven’t been sharing much lately.  Wrapping my head around a new schedule, and trying to fit everything in is a tad overwhelming. Lately I have been a little weight lifting burnt out.  I just haven’t been […]

Smiling at the day, reaching my petals toward the sky.

Happy Fathers Day. I’ve always said that I don’t need a single day to celebrate how amazing my dad is, I celebrate him every day – with everything I do. Cheers to the man who is my hero, my biggest supporter, my best friend and my hero. Long story short; […]

My hero, my best friend, my hero – Happy Poppas ...

Today I flew…. I went to aerial yoga this evening, completely out of my comfort zone!  It was the most exciting, best and coolest thing I’ve ever done.  I flipped, I climbed and I cannot wait to go again!  It was a silks intro class, where I learned to control […]

Today I flew. Onward and Upward – Embracing Change.

Hotel. Gyms. Suck! They are weak!  Full of cardio equipment and 1 run of DBs… with a sprinkle of some random things.  My gym this week has a sprinkle of exercise balls, 1 yoga mat, some tumbling mats (??) (I have questions) and a jump rope.  In the past this […]

Hotel. Gyms. Suck. Make your fitness work for you…

Mobility. Flexibility. Yoga. Crow Pose. The amazing full body workout, it works arms and core while strengthening wrists, upper back and legs.  Crow Pose stretches the upper back, helping to decrease heart burn and acidity, and increases the flexibility and elasticity of the spine. Crow Pose also encourages body awareness […]

Crow Pose, we meet again!