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1 ½ days…. Only 1 ½ days until Lupus Awareness Month. For my PSA… one of the only I will do as we walk in to yet another, pointless awareness month; Lupus is more severe than people think, it can do more harm to people then most realize and can […]

May is Lupus awareness month… celebrate with me as we ...

Baggage. I’ve been thinking a lot about baggage lately. No – not my work bag, purse, lunch bag and gym bag… but the emotional bags that we carry every day that add to our struggles. Like my insecurity satchel and the I’m not good enough carry on with its matching […]

Are you carrying a lot of bags?!? Emotional bags can ...

The thing about friends, friends like family… Is that they always seem to know when you need a good kick in the pants. This morning I got an amazing text from L, sending some great personal affirmations and positive self-talk! L inspires me and motivates me like no other. Her […]

Don’t let beavers dam your flow… stagnant water spreads disease..

Pain. Endless pain. Chronic pain. Pain is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli.  Pain is a feeling triggered in the nervous system; you may feel it as a prick, tingle, sting, burn or ache.  Chronic pain is defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. […]

Chronic pain is not your own… walk – give it ...

Yesterday I got the chance to listen to a great speaker while I was at an event, Dr. Gina – she deals with conflict in the workplace.  One of the topics she was discussing really made me think. We cannot control what pops into our heads – the good, the […]

We cannot control what pops into our heads, but we ...

I love shoes. I guess you could say what girl doesn’t, but I hold memories with shoes.  I still have the flamingo low pro Vans I was wearing when James kissed me for the first time, in front of the otters at the zoo.  Every time I wear them I […]

Shoes like these should not be locked in a closet…

Am I prepared to encourage myself? Not every day is Lilies. Today is one of those days that starts out amazing and then someone opens their mouth to you and everything starts to sit in the pit of your stomach. If you are like me you immediately start to over […]

Everyday can’t be Freaky Friday… encourage yourself!

Today I feel like a beached whale in a too tight scuba suit, that just ate a bag of chips with a soda. The prednisone bloat – she’s a real bitch. Side effects… the negative lil problems which occur when treatment goes beyond the desired effect, or problems that occur […]

Side effects isn’t just a bad movie about murder – ...

Let’s all bloom today… together. Moving into Good Friday and a beautiful Easter holiday; I’m going to let positivity rule my life today.  I’m going to let it cradle me, fill me and I’m going to share it with everyone. I woke up today, still feeling a smidge under the […]

Blooming together with positivity, what inspires you?

What would I do without L!? Today I have been racking my mind with what I am/was going to blog about. So I asked her, and she said write about what we talked about this morning. Every morning I talk to L about – well everything – really. Lately I […]

Stop drowning in the Swamp of Sadness, the Neverending Story ...