Harder, Stronger, Different.

New journeys!

Yesterday I tried something new, something complete different and something absolutely awesome.

What did I try?


A few weeks ago, without ever even trying the sport, I registered to compete with James in my first STRONGMAN competition.

Dude, yesterday was a BLAST!  I lifted things I never thought I would lift!

It’s intense!

Strongman – in the late 20th century described someone who competed in strength athletics, or the raw functional strength through exercises such as lifting rocks, toting refrigerators, pulling trucks, pushing logs, throwing kegs and just basically lifting anything that seems unliftable.

As most of you have followed me this year, you know that I used to be a powerlifter, it’s a great sport, but it wasn’t my bag anymore.  I was bored with just SBD lifts, EVERY WORKOUT!!  I was bored with trying to PR by 5kg over what I did last comp or prior max tries.

Powerlifting was no longer filling my soul.  It was starting to drown me.  I was starting to hate my gym time, which a huge disappointment to me.

My gym time depletes my stress = less flares.

Unhappy or bored gym time = no depletion of stress = still stress & painsomnia & more flares.

Even as I sit here typing this I have an ear to ear smile!  I’ve been showing off my “log press” bruises and excitedly talking to James about gear that I know I’ll need and how excited I am about next week.

I pressed a 100 pound Log, y’all!  Like above my nugget!!

I lifted a keg and put it on a platform, which was about 60” high!

I almost, 2 steps, pulled a truck (but I got scared); and that’s ok – cause I’ll own it someday – someday soon!

For me that was the amazing thing about my workout – I got to lift with people love and trust, and though I was new (and my normal chipper excitable self) no one made me feel silly.

It’s the best Saturday workout I’ve had in a long long time!

I have bruises and muscle pain in areas that haven’t hurt before – but I’m so rejuvenated and excited!

I’m excited to share this new journey with you as I start down the road to my first STRONGMAN comp!

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