The last thing most 37 year old men think of doing is starting to compete in strength sports. Especially those coming from where I was at the time. Nearly 4 years previously I had been in bad car wreck that had left me unable to put weight on my right foot […]

How I Prepared for My First Strongman Contest

by Tom Nuzum, PT, MS, OCS, CSCS Every day, thousands of people make resolutions. For many people those resolutions will include getting in shape.  What does getting in shape mean?  Running a 5K race without stopping to walk.  Running a half marathon.  Deadlifting their bodyweight.  Deadlifting twice their bodyweight.   Bench pressing […]

Getting in shape: The Basics

    by Chaz Franke MSW, LCSW   In the first part of this writing I wanted to start the open dialogue about the role of self awareness and self acceptance in the arena of strength and fitness training. In introducing this concept we embarked on a journey that took […]

Shadow on the Platform Part 2: Our Destructive Corners

by Michael J. Wittmer, D.C. There is much controversy regarding weight training and the adolescent. Probably the most common myth is that it will stunt growth. After searching the literature, I could not find any research that supports that theory. In fact, the only significant finding was that one must […]

What Age to Start Weightlifting?

by Chaz Franke MSW, LCSW “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” -Carl Jung Envision the last time everything came together for you in the gym. The last time a PR was easy, the last time you surprised yourself, or even the […]

Shadows on the Platform