Lifting with Lupus

Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Why? It’s simple, really. I’ve felt like a sham lately… looking back on old posts I was jumping around in what I was doing, one week I’m back to powerlifting and the next I’m focused on Strongman. However, something hit me today; I’m […]

There’s no place like… your comfort zone!

How did I miss the start of Lupus Awareness Month!?!? Guess I’ve just been too busy living and lifting! It’s my favorite time of the year, it’s that one month where all the spoonies come out and post “helpful” facts about what you should know about Lupus… The pull at […]

Strongman Awareness Month….

It has been a hot minute since I last posted! So…. Like my last post said I’ve been doing some strongman – ok, like fully doing strongman. I will be competing in my first Strongman competition in July! It’s been eye-opening, challenging and completely taken me out of my comfort […]

I lifted a stone… which makes me a strongman, right?!?

New journeys! Yesterday I tried something new, something complete different and something absolutely awesome. What did I try? STRONGMAN!!! A few weeks ago, without ever even trying the sport, I registered to compete with James in my first STRONGMAN competition. Dude, yesterday was a BLAST!  I lifted things I never […]

Harder, Stronger, Different.

I’ve always gravitated toward self-competitions, one person only sports and less team oriented environments. I am typically my best, when I am on my own… in competition terms that is… Why?! I am an only child, and most of my personality traits are only child shaped.  I am completely achievement […]

It’s all between myself and the bar.

Today was a rough Groundhogs Day, it was a heavy day for me.  Which really sucked because it is my favorite holiday! Determining that I want to compete again has been an emotional journey, filled with doubts, excitement, fear and adrenaline.  I’m nowhere near the numbers that I used to […]

Gearing up… & Lifting on such a great holiday!

New Year, Same Me… New Year, Same Me + Training for a March Competition! Woo… Typing that was a rush.  Yes, after about a year and half off from injury, Lupus and chronic pain; I have decided to jump back in and compete.  I’d be lying if I said that […]

Back to the Platform….

Tis the season for thankful posts, I shall honor this tradition, with a twist! Today I am thankful for the situations that teach us who are our real friends. I recently, very recently; got hitched – James and I made the decision to have a small wedding. Small in the […]

I’m thankful for the moments that define us…

Thanksgiving… roots in the beginning of being thankful for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. Being Thankful…. Conscious of benefit received – for what we are about to receive make us truly thankful. Expressive of thanks – thankful service. Well pleased – glad – was thankful […]

I am thankful. Thankful for the chance to share ...

My fitness Pal, smartwatch and gym…. Oh my… My fitness Pal, smartwatch and gym…. OH MY… I never thought anything could be as daunting as competition prep… then I had to get WEDDING ready… Duh DUH DUH! Not being in the cycle and flow of prepping for competitions has helped […]

More daunting then cutting for competition – wedding prep!