More daunting then cutting for competition – wedding prep!

My fitness Pal, smartwatch and gym…. Oh my…

My fitness Pal, smartwatch and gym…. OH MY…

I never thought anything could be as daunting as competition prep… then I had to get WEDDING ready… Duh DUH DUH!

Not being in the cycle and flow of prepping for competitions has helped me completely forget how many calories, protein and carbs it takes to run this body and lean er out. Shoot! When I finally started tracking things again and looked at my macros – it was earth shattering!

I need how many proteins a day! How in the world do I get that many proteins?

Cut down carbs and fats, you say? How?!?

It’s always so eye opening to me, how much better my body runs when I fully track, check and oversee everything that goes into my mouth. It’s something that, unless prepping, I don’t always think about – but I should. For someone with a disease that can be very food based, stress based and yes weight based; I should ALWAYS be conscious of this.

But, I am a people and sometimes I forget this…. Allow me to explain!

My kidneys hate me – so processed foods = more hatred = pain, flares, stress, bloating, stress over bloating, lazies, and general discomfort.

My head hates me some days – so sugar = more depression and heightened anxiety. Coffee = increased symptom of the nervous side effect from the stimulant = increased anxiety.

It’s hard. Sometimes it completely sucks. A body runs better on better for me things. A body also leans better on better for me things, and bloating – well, it just isn’t invited to my wedding. Meal prepping, or planning ahead on what I am going to eat, isn’t easy – in fact sometimes it is a downright nuisance.

This is why I, like many people, tend to get caught up in the fast lane. What is quick and easy to eat, skipping meals, over indulging because I skipped a meal; why do we do this disrespect to our bodies. My body goes through so much in a day – from the carrying me while keeping a chronic illness in check, working out when in chronic pain, not getting enough sleep because of painsomnia, brain and mental overload from work and stress.

This skin sack works SO HARD to keep me moving, the least I can do is have a proper meal…. Take my time with her… Pretty much every day she gives me an hour to an hour and a half, at the gym; forcing her to move and lift in ways that hurt her. I just hurt her more by then putting junk in her to repair.

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