Monthly Archives: February 2018

I’ve always gravitated toward self-competitions, one person only sports and less team oriented environments. I am typically my best, when I am on my own… in competition terms that is… Why?! I am an only child, and most of my personality traits are only child shaped.  I am completely achievement […]

It’s all between myself and the bar.

Today was a rough Groundhogs Day, it was a heavy day for me.  Which really sucked because it is my favorite holiday! Determining that I want to compete again has been an emotional journey, filled with doubts, excitement, fear and adrenaline.  I’m nowhere near the numbers that I used to […]

Gearing up… & Lifting on such a great holiday!

New Year, Same Me… New Year, Same Me + Training for a March Competition! Woo… Typing that was a rush.  Yes, after about a year and half off from injury, Lupus and chronic pain; I have decided to jump back in and compete.  I’d be lying if I said that […]

Back to the Platform….