Back to the Platform….

New Year, Same Me…

New Year, Same Me + Training for a March Competition!

Woo… Typing that was a rush.  Yes, after about a year and half off from injury, Lupus and chronic pain; I have decided to jump back in and compete.  I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been tailoring my workouts to heavy lifting – more than likely looking for an excuse to do some heavy lifting on the platform.

Today marks a month and 2 days till competition day.

I’m thinking for the blog session this month, I’ll let everyone into the gear up for a return to the platform.

Return to the Platform, Day 1!

I had zero desire to lift today, and I mean ZERO!  My normal routine after work is to have family pileup, this is a fun way to say I crawl in bed with my pups and cuddle them!  Since it’s freezing today, I had no desire to crawl back out and greet the world.  I wanted to stay holed up under the covers cuddling my lil Sir Jackson Poodlen…

But… that wasn’t an option, was it?  If I’m gonna compete I gotta have my nugget in the game.

I went.  I lifted.  I deadlifted.  I hit 255 for 1, videoed it, it looked easy, had more in the tank, and then I came home.

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