Gearing up… & Lifting on such a great holiday!

Today was a rough Groundhogs Day, it was a heavy day for me.  Which really sucked because it is my favorite holiday!

Determining that I want to compete again has been an emotional journey, filled with doubts, excitement, fear and adrenaline.  I’m nowhere near the numbers that I used to be, but I am completely injury free and in less pain than when I was constantly training – heavy training.  It’s hard to look at the good to where I am now, when I know where I used to be – all in relations to pounds and kilos.

I was injured in my last competition, from Lupus inflammation and chronic pain.  During my bench my arch, stress and muscle spasms completely inflamed leftie (my nickname for my left kidney).  I think I peed blood for 2 weeks after that.

My body was having a hard time moving from the inflamed joints, pressure, chronic pain and flares that I was constantly encountering.  It was shortly after this meet that I had to get my STENT.  My Lupus partnered with my Asthma and Anxiety (I have pretty bad, needs to be medicated social anxiety and panic attacks) was creating a storm in my insides.

After that competition, I knew I needed time to recoup.

It was time to listen to my body!

So I did… I’ve taken the time to focus on what my body needs and rebuild up pounds/kilos slowly, carefully, gear free and not killing myself!  Being able to do a 215lb squat with no knee sleeves or lifters on is freaking amazing!

Doing a 255lb deadlift with no chalk – heck yea!

Day 2 of knowing I’m going to lift soon is exciting, just typing this and seeing how far I’ve come is pumping me up!  Like James keeps on telling me, it’s not all about the numbers, it’s about getting out there and doing what you love again.

Doing what I love with the people I love… as I always scream “YOU’RE STILL AWESOME”!!!

Now to the most important part of this post… the great lil groundhog who pops out of his hole to determine the weather!  (Though we’d probably be more accurate with flipping a coin)

I typically get lots of slack for loving Groundhogs Day; it is my favorite holiday!

It’s an amazing day, to me, for many reasons…

I’ve always loved Groundhogs Day, seriously; like I look forward to the day… I actually celebrate the day.  Why?  For one, my mom enjoyed it.  She and I would wake up early, eat snacks and wait for him to see his shadow.  It was the one holiday that her family couldn’t ruin, or wouldn’t ruin; because they didn’t know that we celebrated it like one.

Every other holiday, mainstream holiday; with my mother and her family was torture.  We don’t need to touch base on all of that past, but… not every day with her was bad, she wasn’t always someone else, and she wasn’t always drunk.  Groundhogs Day was a morning celebration.

I also LOVE groundhogs.  How can you not love a holiday where a cute lil guy pops out to see the sun or overcast morning.  There is so much rich history with this great day.

If Candlemas day be dry and fair, The half o’ winter to come and mair, If Candlemas day be wet and foul, The half of winters gone at Yule.  As the Scottish rhyme goes…

Hope your Groundhogs Day was everything you wanted it to be!

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