My hero, my best friend, my hero – Happy Poppas Day.

Happy Fathers Day.

I’ve always said that I don’t need a single day to celebrate how amazing my dad is, I celebrate him every day – with everything I do.

Cheers to the man who is my hero, my biggest supporter, my best friend and my hero.

Long story short;

I have never known my parents together, except when he would pick me up every other weekend and do events that she may have been at.  My poppa lived in Springfield IL and my mom lived in Downers Grove, IL – he drove 4 hours every other Friday to get me for his weekend and 4 hours back every Sunday.  He also came to every school holiday party, event, and helped with most contests – my mom was in the same town and didn’t make that effort. 

Those 4 hours of windshield time, on Friday night were the best hours of my life – and – on Sunday they were the worst. I hated the return – crying, hyperventilating and dreading.  I hated leaving my poppa.  We listened to Star Wars cassette tapes, books on tape; during our ride. 

At 12, I got to move in with the greatest dad in the world. 

There are so many things that I can say about my poppa has shaped me into the person I am today; it might come out as word vomit, because this is the single most favorite blog I’ve ever typed – I’ve been thinking about it for days!

My favorite Dad lessons, learned;

Humility!  Though my mom, wasn’t the best mom; he never spoke an ill will of her.  Even since her passing 6 years ago, he will still not say an ill word.  I can only imagine how tough that must have been for a single parent, because you are owning everything; to not let the stress of the day get to you and say something out of character.  There are only a few people I have EVER heard my dad talk low about, they do deserve it; but it is rare.  My dad has taught me to give everyone respect until I am given a reason to not respect them anymore.

Motivation!  My pop was a single father.  He was the beginning of the day and the end.  However, he still had a career, his side groups (my dad is every type of Masonic group and Shriner group), and me.  I never felt like anything came before me, this has helped my success – you give the love first and everything else second.  Success is doable, you just have to organize and prioritize and focus.

Health!  I got my dad a fitbit a few Christmas’ ago.  Best Gift Ever.  He has lost well into the 3 digits and has an infectious energy.  He hits around 23k or higher a day.  He will not allow himself to sit still and he watches everything he puts into his body.  He also know teaches water aerobics, James and I got to take his class last summer – it was awesome!  He is my biggest cheerleader with my health, helping me not get down over it, and listening when I am scared.  He was the first person I told and confided in over my chronic pain and the fear I had of dying from this.

Trust!  When I was little, he never faltered – drove 4 hours to get me every other Friday.  I always knew he would show up and be there.  School holiday parties, I just waited and then he’d be there.  There has never been any doubt, my father always shows up – it might not always be on time – but he always arrives.  He’s always present.  He always gives me his honest thoughts on what I am doing, even if it is a “hard” conversation.  He’s been to all of my competitions, the loudest one cheering me on, if he’s late he texts for updates.

There are so many things I could say about my dad, but then this blog would become a novel.  I get asked a lot where all my drive, success, and humble-ness comes from; I always reply – from having one of the strongest greatest role models that I would ever want to fashion myself after.

My career, my degrees, my blog, my lifestyle, my friends and my goals all come from my dad – watching him, learning from him and knowing from him that I can have/do anything I want.  Hard work pays off, prioritize where the hard work needs to be, arrive alive – if you are running late, don’t speed to get there, being the life of the party, everyone/anyone could be a friend, treat people how I would want to be treated and respect everyone.

My life could have turned out so differently.  He could have quit driving to get me because it got tough, he could have stayed with joint custody because being a single parent is tough, he could have left.  He always told me that none of those were an option, as he is my best friend I am his.

I love my dad to the moon and back!

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