Tacky or Pine Resin is a staple in strongman for stone lifting and is used in strength sports where grip is critical. Able to be used with Stone Sleeves or on bare forearms, tacky makes all the difference – especially when doing runs with multiple stones and time is critical. WGEfit offers several options to match your needs.


Dave Ostlund “Elite” Tacky

Dave Ostlund is a professional strongman and one of the best “Stone” loaders in the world! Dave makes his own tacky that has helped him achieve his Atlas Stone loading status. Now you can have the same tacky that Dave makes for himself. When seconds and pounds count, in a contest and even in hot weather, use his “Elite” blend tacky. In cooler weather when you still need super sticky tacky use the “Cool Weather” formula. And for training and easier clean up check out the “Training Tacky”.


Rehband Type Tacky 

For years The Weak Get Eaten supplied you with Rehband’s “Harpiks” which was the standard in tacky throughout the world. We have been able to get supply of the exact same tacky from the company who supplied Rehband. Great for stone loading and other strength sport needs. A little less expensive and still the same product that was the world standard for years!