Candy in the morning time, Candy in the hot sunshine, I want Candy…. Literally Candy –


Seriously, it’s only day 2 without candy. Cold turkey quitting the sugar smack! It’s driving me crazy!

The average American has 152 pounds of sugar a year, 22 teaspoons a day! The AHA says that consumption should stay around 9 (37.5g) teaspoons a day for men and 6 (25g) for a woman.

Sugar has been said to be 8x more addictive than cocaine! Sugar acts just like an opiate within the brain, when you quit – you endure the same withdrawal symptoms as drug addicts.

Is being wedding dress ready really worth this?!?!? Yes! Completely! But mostly is my health worth this?!?!? Absolutely.

So how to quit? I’m following a pretty ridged plan.

  1. I made the decision to DETOX. Not just for my wedding dress, but for my me – it’s the one thing that I absolutely need to keep to check. It’s not good for my Lupus, kidneys or heart – probably aids in my increased flares… causes stress… it was time.
  2. I went cold turkey! BOOM! MIKE DROP!!! Going cold turkey, without little treats and cheats resets the body’s neurotransmitters and horomones by getting rid of the controlling nature of the sugar!
  3. DON’T drink your calories. This isn’t one that I had a problem with – I’m a water through and through kinda gal!
  4. Starting my day with protein. Again this is one that I was already doing, I love eggs for brekkie!
  5. Eat unlimited carbs – the right ones. This one scared the shiz outta me! But it means unlimited veggies! Hmmmm, I likey the veggies! The surge of energy in my body and mental clarity will improve with quitting the sauce,
  6. Fighting sugar with (good) fats! Yummy – almonds, walnuts, avocados – oh my!
  7. Be prepared for food emergencies. I am queen of packing healthy snacks and prepping – it’s just making sure I pack it and bring it and use it!
  8. Stop stressing and breathe.
  9. Remove those inflammatory foods; sugar, flours, trans fats and food sensitivities. It’s tough – it sucks a little – but the promise at the end is to feel better!
  10. Get plenty of rest. Reducing sleep time by 2 hours is enough to increase hunger hormones! Get the ZZZ’s.

I’m completely holding on to hope that by day 3 or 4 I will start to feel like a people again! This detox is one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done – Every time I have done the detox I am always happier in the end. It’s just getting to that part again.

I already feel lighter within my innards and within my nugget. But the cravings currently suck – these almonds are no substitute for something sugary.

If there is anything I know for sure, it’s that you can’t out work out a bad diet. In order to have change and start cutting, I need to put my diet where my workouts are – in line, rigid, and in place. If I can do a hard leg day, with a left knee/hip/joints that feel like murder; than I can give up the sweets.

If I can keep the Lupus from owning me, which is a part of my body – then I can kick the sugar from owning me!

Bye Bye sweets!

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