Toxic workplaces, aren’t worth it.

This week I am practicing my 3Rs; relax, recharge and restart.

Relax, make or become less tense or anxious.

Recharge, restore an electric charge to by connecting it to a device that draws power from another source of electricity.

Restart, start again.  A new start or beginning.

Why this week of the 3Rs?

This is my detox from quitting my toxic stagnate job.  My job was toxic, completely toxic; it was a workplace with significant drama and infighting, where personal battles often harm productivity.  This environment negatively impacts the organization, our lives and their customers.

Toxic workplaces are a VERY real thing and they can suck you in… making you feel out of whack.  I started looking for a job once I realized how out of sorts I was; finding it hard to wake up was the, haha, wake up call for me.

I was no longer excited to go to work, in fact; I dreaded going into the office.   My rose-colored glasses disappeared and I could see all the red flags.  All the red flags made me lose sight of my happy, creating a negative JJ; I hate negative JJ.  I was not made to be a negative nancy!  So I followed my gut, realizing that this wasn’t a phase and it was time to move on.  The job wasn’t going to change, my boss wasn’t going to change and I wouldn’t get what I needed from the job.

These are hard things to realize. I’m not someone who likes to give up, but once you start taking it home and it effects every aspect of your life you need to move.  I wasn’t curing cancer, helping people or creating world-wide change so why was this keeping me up at night?!  There was no reason for me to fret, at all hours of the night; over something that isn’t earth shattering.

Fretting like this, at night; led to becoming sleep deprived.  Lack of sleep, with an already compromised immune system = ALL BAD!  The increase in flares from the stress, lack of sleep and mixture of depressed anxiousness near the end was very eye opening.

My body is a great barometer for seeing the bad.  When the increase of flares starts or lengthens, we know it’s time to move on.

It’s like a reverse super-power!

Well, it’s 830am where I am, and I James just looked at me with puppy eyes and said can we please get going…. It’s amusement park rollercoaster time!

More to come on this topic!!!  After Cedar POINT!!!!

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