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Purple combines the stimulation of the color red and the calm of the color blue; soothing the mind and nerves, uplifts the spirit and encourages creativity.  Purple.  Purple, the color of Lupus.  The combo of warm and cool can evoke creativity and boost one’s imagination.

It’s a rarity in nature, the most powerful wavelength of the rainbow, and it has a powerful history.  It’s the most powerful visible wavelength of electromagnetic energy.  Purple in some cases symbolizes bravery.

Lilies are brave, reaching toward the sun.  Growing.  Lilies live every day to the fullest, looking for every opportunity and owning the day.

Lupus Awareness Month.

Wow… is it here already?!?  Lupus Awareness Month (LAM).

This month should be about the good parts of Lupus, the strength within having Lupus – we are not SPOONIES.  This month let’s talk about blooming, overcoming and growing!  We are Lily’s!

I used to be a competitive powerlifter.  There is nothing like getting on the platform in front of everyone and grinding out a squat that you’ve never hit before.  Hearing the cheers from the crowd, because it’s such a close knit group of lifters.  Not being able to talk the next day because you screamed your head off for your fellow lifters.

You’re still AWESOME.  My favorite tagline.  I cheer for everyone.  When you miss, it sucks; it blows – so I yell You’re still AWESOME!

Lifting heavy is my passion.  Something about getting to lift something that most people can’t or don’t even try to do is amazing.  When I was told by my pain specialist that I couldn’t lift heavy anymore, I was devastated.  Destroyed.

I had to rearrange.

Reps on reps on reps, is the new game.  I’ve had to let powerlifting take a backseat in my car of life.  I’m going to be competing in Nov, in figure.  Sometimes you have to rearrange.  I still get to lift, sometimes heavy!  James makes sure that I pace myself and don’t get too crazy heavy or fail my form.  I also make sure to stick to my schedule.

I lift.

I lift regardless of pain.

I lift because it makes my pain seem like nothing.

I lift because it gives me power over my pain.  Power over my anxiety.  Power over myself.

I lift because I am stronger than my Lupus.

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