Circumstances happen. Life happens just as it’s supposed too, no more questioning.

Day 10 of 21 days of positivity.

I know that the last few days I have been slacking, but trust me I have been living true to my word and staying positive!  No negative vibes allowed here!

Day 10.

Wowza…. Day 10.  What to share today – I am positive about that fact that I don’t by any stretch identify as a spoonie.  Never have and never will.  Today I saw an IG post with someone asking what their favorite spoonie aides are?!  What the Heck!?

Today I will provide a list of my favorite Lily aides!

  1. Sunshine/My Health – I work out and eat right to keep myself in the best shape possible to maintain a great quality of life.
  2. Relief factor/Turmeric – only been trying it a week and my joints/pain has greatly reduced.
  3. My Lily Pot/Family life – everything springs from the amazing support system that I have from my family.  I keep pushing because they don’t let me blow in the wind or lock myself in a drawer, though they worry about my health sometimes they treat me normally.
  4. The Wind/My Faith (I guess would be the only way to word that) – this is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately.  A Lot! As I change and grow with positivity within my disease, myself and my surroundings I find that I am developing more strength to focus on my faith.

Let’s focus on that positive number 4 for a few.  I have never been fully committed to life of faith, I’ll admit it – I fully believe that there is a higher power, I know the teachings/books/lifestyle/went to private school/went to church (for a bit when I was younger) but I just never choose to seek it out or really think about how I felt within it.

I’ve always been that person who thought, why would something bigger than me, let me go through what I went through as a small fry and not intervene.  But the last 10 days of being positive to myself… kicking the negative out of my head have helped me to see things a bit clearer.  Circumstances happen.

I’m strong and everything that I have gone through has helped me grow into the person I am today.  Without them, I’m not sure where I would be – but I know that I would not be as prepared to deal with my Lupus and my life.

I used to think I was handed my childhood, my Lupus, other illnesses to poke at pain points and seek failure.  This is why I am not a spoonie and cannot/will not identify as one.  I was handed situations that I have overcome smiling.  I have been handed a life of limitless opportunities, unlike spoon theory which says that being a chronic patient I should have a harder time keeping up with daily tasks and responsibility.

Circumstances happen.  There are people out there dealing with FAR worse than myself and smiling through it, growing through it, and living through it.  Who would I be to curl up and hide in the shadows.

When I started this I did not expect it to have such an impact on me.  21 days of positivity, that’s nothing, right?  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  10 days in and I see light that I haven’t before, I realize things that I didn’t before.

Shit happens.

As Jimmy Gold said, in Finders Keepers by Stephen King; Shit don’t mean shit.  My life happened just as it was supposed to, the true light is how I made it through that path – no more questioning the why it happened, because that wastes time and breeds negative thinking…. Shit don’t mean Shit.

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