Be silent, Be still…. I am strong. 1

How do you plow?! Plow pose that is….

Plow pose helps calm the brain, stimulate the abdominal organs & the thyroid, stretches the shoulders & the spine, reduces stress and fatigue and is therapeutic for headaches, insomnia & backaches.

What does yoga really do for me… it helps me to focus on the proper alignment of my joints, creating the maximum space in the joint, and putting the joints through their full range of motion.  One of the strengths that meeting yoga again has done for me is help me to move into a restorative practice during my flare periods.

I used to lift through these flares, but my flares are becoming more and more riddled with fatigue.  With this fatigue I start to experience extreme pain, inflammation and stiffness where my body needs to shift from the high-alert focus of the sympathetic nervous system to the quiet calming nature of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Adding regular yoga to my daily routine has helped me open my mind to observe myself during stress of pain and limitations.

Be silent, be still.

The yoga poses are meant to help you expand your limitations and be present within the pose, focusing on the breath.  This helps me to focus on being still, and working through the stress of the pose – releasing my pain through the breath and focusing on the temporary.

Be silent, be still.

Being still and not fidgeting during the poses helps me focus and think about the growth of my body strength.  There is such a difference from deadlifting 2x my BW and being able to hold a BW pose for seconds that feel like hours.   Knowing what your body is capable of and using your joints, even when they hurt; helps you feel limitless.

I am strong.  Day 14 of myself awesome challenge of 21 days of positivity sends the message that I am strong.  I might not powerlift anymore, I might only lift every other week and do cardio/yoga on my off weeks, but I am strong.  I can hold poses of my BW and stretch to a capacity that I didn’t know I had anymore.

I am strong!

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